The East Perth Rifle Club invites members of the public to join us on Sunday the 15th August 2021 to experience the excitement of our sport.

The event commences at 10.30 am at the Pinjar Range where you will meet our Club President, watch a video, learn about rifle safety and then experience rifle shooting on the range with a highly experienced coach using either .308, .223 or .22 calibre.

We encourage families to join and children from the age of 10 or above are allowed to shoot.  We have grandparents and grandchildren alike enjoying the experience.

There is a cost of $60 (.308 and .223 calibre) or $20 (.22 calibre) per person that covers range fees, ammunition, rifle and coaching.

Visit for more information.

A booking is essential and positions are limited, so please contact Terry on 9295 1687 or email to learn more.