Joining Our Club

Being a member of the East Perth Rifle Club allows you to:

  • use the Pinjar rifle range (range fees apply);

  • be involved in Club events; and

  • compete at International*, National*, State and Club-based events.

The most important of these competitive events that is held annually in Western Australia is the “Queens” prize meetings. This event first stated as the “Kings” prize meeting held in 1902 at the Karrakatta Rifle Range. Today it is held at the Pinjar rifle range and traditions like the honour of being carried in on the chair as the highest score competitor is still enjoyed.

* International and National events does require a selection process. 

Membership Requirements

There is no age restrictions to become a member of the National, State and Metropolitan District Rifles Associations, although we do expect children to be 10 years or older for a .22 supervised rifle experience. 

The following provides a guideline of the annual costs:

National Rifle Association of Australia Ltd

Phone:  (07) 3398 1228



Senior $75   per annum

Junior (Under 21) $47 per annum


West Australian Rifle Association Inc

Phone: 0438 954 786 (Sarah Hoglin, Executive Officer)



Senior $205   per annum

Junior (Under 21) $108 per annum

Associated Member (Non-shooting) $10 per annum


Metropolitan District Rifles Association Inc



Member $150   Per Annum


East Perth Rifle Association Inc




Senior $50   per annum

Junior (Under 21) $30 per annum

Associated Member (Non-shooting) $10 per annum


Please note that the prices noted above can charge without warning – please contact the entity to check on prices.

Generally, a potential member will attend an experience day, a number of shooting days and await to being approached by the Committee for a formal invite to join the Club.